Wife Exposes Husband Who Sells Indian Hemp To Police After He Assaulted Her

A man dealing in marijuana was recently arrested after his wife tipped off the police to his illicit activities after he had assaulted her.
According to Newsday, the George Chikaka (27) of Tenanog Farm, Guruve in Zimbabwe, assaulted his wife Charity Chekai for an undisclosed reason on March 28. Unsurprisingly, this did not go down well with the wife who reported him to the police for domestics violence.
However, when the police arrived at George’s homestead to arrest him, his wife went on to reveal that he was also a prolific Indian hemp grower.
Based on this information, the cops searched the field and discovered 24 marijuana plants.
When he appeared before Guruve magistrate court facing charges of unlawful cultivation of marijuana, George did not waste the court’s time and promptly pleaded guilty to the charge.
In return, he was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment of which three months were suspended on condition of good behavior and the remainder commuted to 105 hours community service at Horseshoe Primary School.

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