This Newly Designed Three-inch Smartphone Can Fit Into Your Palm With All Features Of A Larger Device

From the iPhone 8 Plus to the Sony Xperia XA1, many of the most popular smartphones currently on the market come with enormous screens.
But while this can make watching films or gaming easier, it means that the devices are becoming more intrusive.
In the hopes of reducing the impact of smartphones on our lives, one designer has developed a concept for a tiny three-inch phone.
Pierrick Romeuf has designed ‘minima’ – a miniature smartphone that rethinks a smartphone’s use.
Unlike other small smartphones, like the Nokia 3310, minima has most of the same features as larger devices.
However, it is designed to be used as more of a tool, rather than a distraction.
The phone works with a hybrid smartphone-smartwatch operating system, meaning it can fit any apps in a miniature form.
While the main face is touchscreen, there are three side buttons, for back, home and camera.
This means you don’t need to carry out complicated operations, just simply press a button.
It is unclear whether Mr Romeuf has plans to bring his vision to life.

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