The secret to why Laycon and Dorathy won the BBNaija Lockdown season 5

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by: Funke April
                       Laycon and Dorathy

It is barely 48 hours since rapper and songwriter Laycon was declared the winner of the Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) Season 5, but the frenzy is still very much heated. A lot of people have come to various conclusions of why he won alongside Dorathy Bachor who came first, runner-up.

We all have a perception of how we think celebrities should look physically, and how they should be living a perfect life like a fairytale. We expect them to be like idols with striking features and impressive body size and finesse. And whoever does not fit into these images in our heads, we tend to write them off.

More daunting is the way some of us are left with a tinge of disappointment when we meet our celebrities in reality, and they look nothing close to the larger than life picture of what we have envisioned them to be. It is this feeling that has prompted some of us to say “celebrities are living fake lives”. But seriously, are they really fake or they just don’t look and live the way we want them to? Sincerely they don’t live in our heads so what do we expect?

Unlike the normal body perfect housemates we expect to always grace our screen in the Big Brother Naija house every season, this year had two attention-grabbing persons. From the first day, the season 5 lockdown housemates were introduced to the public, these two people started to trend almost immediately as their pictures go viral in several memes.

Not standing at 6ft with six-packs and high cheekbones, 26 years old Olamilekan Moshood Agbeleshe popularly known as “Laycon” was introduced as one of the housemates to enter the BBNaija house on July 19. With a distinct look which a lot of people termed as “weird”, Laycon had his thousand light bulbs jacket which ensured all attention is on him. His dreadlocks and slender body frame heightened the supposedly “weird look”. Immediately he stepped into the house where eighteen (18) other housemates were already exchanging pleasantries, he said his hello by shouting “wad up” and nobody seemed to take a second glance at him as they turned to look at him only to turn back and continue what they were doing. Outside the house, his pictures resonated on every social media with indescribable captions of what he looks like and his supposed mission in the house.

24-yr-old Dorathy Bachor raised eyebrows immediately she was called on stage with her well endowed upper body. The confidence with which she carried herself can never go unnoticed as she made it seem the world is on her “full chest”. Who can forget the rancor that happened as soon as Dorathy stepped into the house, one of the housemates had to voice out that her future is bright and in front of her. Outside the house, her pictures went viral as the show lovers trooped her social media to see more pictures of her gifted assets which immediately garnered her fans. There were many nasty memes congratulating men who love boobs to have found their favorite.

With the duo in the house and causing different rancor outside the house, social media investigators spring to action and what looked like bad publicity for Laycon started turning into awe, admiration, and love. First, it was his educational background which sent unbelievable chills as it was quickly spread that he is a first-class graduate of Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from the University of Lagos. Though upon investigation, it was later confirmed to be second-class upper 2015/2016 set. Secondly, despite not being signed to a well-known record label, the acclaimed rapper’s musical career flooded the social media space when it was discovered that he has done a song titled “fierce” with Popular artistes like Reminisce and Chinko Ekun. The downloads began and the song went viral which spiraled the anxiety of the viewers to see what he has for us.

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Staying true to his craft, Laycon revealed he is “a god in a human body” as he started promoting his craft with freestyles and showing his smartness by answering questions intelligently. This gradually endeared him to his housemates as he is fun too.

Dorathy undoubtedly became a clown as she got us laughing with her funny expressions when interacting with other housemates. Her sheepish smile and “I can’t kill myself” attitude will make you laugh out loud every time.

Nevertheless, as the days keep counting in the BBNaija house, these two unusual housemates had their fanbases outside building formidable forces for them. The “icons” for Laycon, and “exploras” for Dorathy. Their strengths and numbers grew exponentially especially the “icons.

Though the argument that Laycon has a good PR kept spreading, what could not be waved aside is the strong focus being kept alive by the team handling his social media pages. The professionalism is commendable as there was no time the page threw jabs or wrote anything else other than to portray the good nature of the young man and his craft.

Above the situationships and entanglements they both got into while in the house, the fact to the two winning this season still boils down to them being themselves. This can be confirmed as we watched the self-acclaimed “game players” and “strategists” who thought they have everything figured out leave the house at every eviction.

Many times, Dorathy says and does things we all can relate to, either by playing the typical “Naija mum” or “Naija big sister”. She however proved she is the real favorite market woman which is how she describes herself on her business page “shopforme”.

Laycon on the other hand must have reminded us of one guy in our neighborhoods who we can’t seem to understand so we term him as just weird because of his different look or obsession with his craft (music).

Whatever strategy you believe these two must have used to bring them this far, I will say it is because of their distinct looks which set the pace for them. They looked nothing like the hunks and figure-eight models we wanted to see. And as they say, first impression matters and that’s what cast the spotlight on them from the onset, before we start knowing and loving them.

The show may have ended but one thing that can not be denied is the sense of satisfaction from their fans who voted them till the end.

Are you satisfied with the lockdown season winners?


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