Man Narrates Horrible Sexual Abuse He Witnessed At Federal Government College, Kaduna

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A Nigerian man has shared his horrific experience at Federal Government College Kaduna when he was a student there. The man who shared the heart wrenching tale via Twitter with the handle, @Edgothboy said many junior boys were physically and sexually abused by senior boys daily.
@Edgothboy said the senior stripped n*aked and forced JSS1 and JSS2 boys to give them massages. Many of those massages ended with masturbation.

See full narration below:

When I was in JSS1 in 1998, our hostel was the last of three block of hostels. To get to class or even the dining hall, you had to pass by the SS1 – SS3 hostels, then the JSS2 – JSS3 hostels. There was no one in JSS1 who voluntarily entered any of the other hostels.
There were many reasons, chiefly because of the physical violence you would endure if you ever found yourself in those hostels. Physical violence that happened simply because you were in that space.
We always started our mornings by gathering on the soakaway outside our hostels, several hundred of us and wait for the ‘right’ moment. And then all of us would sprint past all the other hostels, all the way either to the dining hall or to class.
All the seniors needed to do was call a name, say maybe “Seun”.
All the Seuns would immediately stop running & file into the senior block. We would stop because the risk of being singled out and punished was too scary.
We wouldn’t see any of them for the rest of that day.
But they didn’t just beat JS1 boys and force them to do domestic work. They would also sexually assault them. My cousin was the dining hall prefect and no one messed with food so I was largely left alone, but many people weren’t so lucky.
Most of the SS3 guys then were in their early to mid to late 20’s and never went to class. They played sports instead, or exercised, so they were always sore.
They strip naked and force JSS1 and JSS2 boys to give them massages. Many of those massages ended with masturbation.
The effeminate boys had it twice as bad, cos they expected them to already be domesticated, but would flare up if those boys did anything they considered ‘sexual’. Your hand goes too close to someone’s groin while you’re massaging, you get beaten black and blue.
You refuse to massage them ‘properly’ you get beaten black and blue.
And these were the heterosexual ones o. Not the ones that were actively preying on younger boys.
To make matters worse we had communal bathrooms, and you’d be having your bath and a senior will just show up and enter the stall with you and say you are not washing yourself well, then proceed to ‘bathe’ you.
On Fridays during clubs and societies, seniors would take vulnerable junior girls and literally run trains on them in the back of class rooms.
Everyone could see them through the staircase, and that was how many junior boys first saw people have sex.
SS2 and SS3 guys would show up during afternoon prep, and single out a junior girl and take her to the back of the class basically spend the entire prep fingering them in front of everyone.
We had zero positive models of relationships back then.”

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