Last Prom: Girl Loses Life After Refusing Prom Date

    16 year old  Chris Plackson, a student of Jonathan Law High School in Connecticut has strangled and slit the throat of his ex girlfriend who allegedly refused to go to prom with him.
According to Radar Online, Maren Victoria Sanchez couldn’t wait for her junior prom and she even posted a photo of herself in her pretty blue dress, made a nail appointment and was giddy with excitement about attending the party with her new boyfriend.
But according to police report, all of that changed Friday morning, when just hours before the dance, her ex, Chris Plackson, asked Sanchez to go to the same prom with him.

“He asked her to prom; she said, ‘No, I have a new boyfriend,'” junior Jill Davis told CBS News. “He strangled her and then slit her throat and then stabbed her in the arm and then ran, and the cops got him.”

The prom, scheduled for Friday night, was canceled, and instead, stunned teachers then gathered the students together in the auditorium to tell them what happened to their friend, who was a member of the National Honor Society, the junior class president and a star athlete.
Her cousin Edward Kovac told reporters, Karen was a “bright light full of hopes and dreams with her future at her fingertips… Everything you’re doing right in high school, she was doing.”
The murderer, Plackson has now been charged with murder as a juvenile. Law enforcement officials are still evaluating the situation and have said he may be re-charged Monday as an adult.Do you think this boy deserve mercy?

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