Kaduna State Doctors Threaten To Go On Strike Over Abduction Of Member

.doctor-hand-3269730    According to news, doctors of Kaduna State, have issued an ultimatum to the authorities of the State and the Police to capture the abductors of the previously kidnapped 74-yr Doctor Stephen Kitchener.                                                                                                                                                                         Dr. Kitchner was abducted from his residence in Tukur, North West Nigeria, on Tuesday evening after he was lured out of his house as the kidnappers pretended to be his patients.
According to police, his family has not yet been contacted as for the ransom or the reason for abduction.
Dr Aliyu Bappa, the Chairman of Kaduna State branch of Medical Association of Nigeria, said that the members of the association will join their forces in finding the abducted doctor in case he is not released in the nearest time.
Dr Bappa called to all state law enforcement agents to step up in their efforts to free the abducted doctor, underlining that he is a very important and legendary medical person and his abduction poses a danger to the implementation of Universal Health Coverage which is currently advocated by medical association and the Federal Government of Nigeria.
In response to that, Aminu Lawal, the spokesperson of Kaduna State Police Command, reported that they were making much progress in investigation of the kidnapping and expressed high hopes of getting to the kidnappers very soon.


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