Is sports betting the hope of Nigerian youths out of poverty?

A sports betting center

Just like smoking, pornography, and major habits that come with addictive tendencies, sports betting has sadly become another difficult habit we cannot easily rid of our youths amidst the high rate of poverty.

Sports betting generally involve punters predicting the outcome of matches and getting their bets to correspond with the stakes. If the predictions are correct, the bets are rewarded with stipulated winnings.

In Nigeria where there are millions of incredibly passionate football fans, sports betting has found its proverbial home. Fans are typically used to hosting heated discussions and arguments on the monstrous weekly wages of their favorite football players and clubs, but sports betting has turned that conversation on its head as fans began to explore the real possibility of not just watching football but also making money from these games played thousands of miles away.

Football fans now discuss their earnings from bets as a viable source of income. Every other weekend, betting companies announce big winnings from bets placed with amounts as low as a hundred naira (#100). For fans who watch football as leisure or pastime, the ability to make money out of it has presented an opportunity too good to pass up.

The possibility of raking in millions from meager amounts is enough motivation for punters across the country to bet on a daily basis. And as a result, betting companies record hugely impressive numbers.

Despite Nigeria’s high level of poverty and unemployment, punters cut across various demographics regardless of earning powers. More worrisome is those considered “leaders of tomorrow”.

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How do you deal with the crop of youths that see a trial and error approach as a veritable tool to make sincere cash?

With the winning and the sweet mouthed nature of bookmakers, many Nigerian youths have incurred huge debts that come with the undesirable consequences from folks that give them credit and also take to criminal activities to enable them to meet their daily bets. Worse still are the daily income earners such as laborers who at the end of the day’s job, head to betting centers to bet sometimes all of their daily earnings.

Let’s face it head-on and not be blinded by the media hype and adverts where these bookmakers employ the services of sports celebrities to make it look morally legit. A man without foresight and innovation is a man that sees Kalo-Kalo (gambling) as a means of getting rich and becoming an overnight millionaire. These youths waste their youths away waiting for their “big break” millions with the productive time they could have utilized to bag a degree, learn a skill or establish a business.

Most of our youths have lost foresight and are happily heading down the lane that led some of our fathers to poverty, high blood pressure, depression, and other health-related issues. Since ”pool” as it was known by our fathers did them no good, what good are we expecting from it ourselves?

Poverty is just a two-faced stranger knocking on the doors of gamblers, while laziness is the name of a man that gambles.

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