“I Flaunt My Bosom Only At Parties”-Cossy

             Bosom baring actress, Cossy Orjiakor is living her life and does not care about people’s impression.  She features in movies once in a while, her singing career is also not as active as expected.

What has been happening to your acting career?

I just got back from location.  I featured in a movie entitled, Beach 24.  It is produced by Emmanuel Ahumadu.  My character is more like a mermaid in the movie.

The tale is that you don’t get movie roles again?

That is not true.  Of course, I get offers but I am very choosy.  I don’t just accept roles like that.  If the pay is very okay, if I have a couple of friends among the people on location I can go for it.  It can be stressful going to locations when the pay is not good.  At this stage, I should be the one giving out roles.  I am old enough to start producing movies myself.
How many films have you featured this year?

I think one. If I do a movie a year, it is okay for me. It is all about comfort and not competition.  I started acting in 2002 when I came to Lagos. I was in Dark Angel, One Million and some others.

What about your music career?

I take life easy.  I am not in a competition.  I am in a league of my own.  When I am in the mood, I will do my music. I have released a video this year entitled, Sexual Seduction.  I featured Durella.

What else fetches you money?

You don’t have to work very hard to get money, just work smart.  People can pay you a huge amount just as a guest appearance.  You will go there enjoy yourself, have champagne, that is all.

We learnt you have a Masters?

Yes, that is true.  Masters in Marketing.  It does not really matter.  I have never worked with my certificate.  I don’t have to.

Have you ever considered getting a regular job?

I can never work for people. I prefer generating income for people. I have the mind of an entrepreneur.  I don’t like to depend on people for survival.  Maybe when I am old, I can consider working with a firm, but for now, I just want to have fun.

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How old is Cossy?

I am in my 30s.  I was born on October 15, 1983 (31 years).

When are you considering marriage?

I will when I see the right person.  I have not seen the right person. I want somebody that understands my life.  When a woman is well developed, she becomes picky, maybe that is another thing that is happening.  I will prefer a man that is older than me.

Is there no pressure from your family?

No, they wouldn’t.  Everybody is learned in my family, almost all my siblings are married.

Apart from exposing your bosoms, do you dress all covered up?

Yes of course, I do.  It is when I go out for parties or to catch fun that I show what I have and it is because people snap me that is why the picture is out there.  If not, I don’t really snap pictures.  Apart from that, I cover up.  And it is not about exposing your body, what you wear will look different on me when I wear it.

Do people bully or woo you when you appear in public?

I wear what I am comfortable in.  I don’t even look at people or consider their reaction when I go out.

Can you recall the craziest thing a fan has done to your bosoms?

I go to places responsible people go.  They wouldn’t do such crazy things to me.

Who are your friends?

I have a lot of friends, I can’t start mentioning them.

What is the perception of your family members about your personality?

I don’t know, you have to ask them.

It seems you like clubbing?

Not really, it is just that when I go out, I get noticed.  I rarely go out though.

Would Cossy have been rich and famous without her bosoms?

God has a way of doing things.  I don’t really know. It is not my doing that I have bosoms. No, not at all.                                                                                                                     

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