Five Simple Ways To Save Money

Save on Clothing
Study your wardrobe, determine your needs, work out a clothing budget, and stay with it. Clothes bought on impulse rarely fit in your budget or your wardrobe. Choose clothes with simple trim; they won’t go out of style as quickly and trim should be of good quality and require the same care as the rest of the garment.

Save on Transportation
Keep your car in good running condition, it will be safer and will cost less to operate. Ask yourself each time you get in your car, “Is this trip really necessary?”
Save on Food
Feed your family well from the Food Guide Pyramid,keep them healthy and you’ll save on medical bills.Buy fresh fruits and vegetables, fruit juices and milk drinks, oatmeal and peanut butter cookies, and popcorn instead of junk food. You’ll be healthier.

Save on General Living Expenses
Know when to use cash, checks, or credit. Beware of little expenses. “A small leak will sink a great ship.”
Save in the Home
Take advantage of free or low-cost learning opportunities, trips, and community services, such as schools, workshops, fairs, libraries, concerts, hikes, public tennis courts, home shows, Extension programs, and other adult education courses.
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