Enugu man arrests his community deity for making his business fail

Enugu man arrests his community deity for causing him misfortunes

Nnajiofor Donatus and the deity

A native of Ibeku Opi identified as Mr. Nnajiofor Donatus has been taken into police custody in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State after he ‘arrested’ a community deity which he claimed has been tormenting his community for a long time and causing his business to fail.

Nnajiofor who spoke to Vanguard at St. Theresa’s Catholic Cathedral before the Nsukka Urban Police Division took him away for further interrogation, claimed that a stronger force from above compelled him to remove the deity as it had rendered many members of the community useless, thrown others out of business and tied up many girls of the community from getting married.

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According to him, the deity was responsible for the level of poverty and stagnation being experienced in Ibeku Opi, adding that his once-thriving honey business in Nnewi, Anambra State, crashed and he returned home empty-handed.

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The security officer at the cathedral said that Nnajiofor who exhibited violent tendencies threatened to attack anybody that tried to stop him from gaining entrance to Okunere adoration museum at the cathedral to liberate Ibeku Opi community from the deity.

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The Administrator of St. Theresa’s Catholic Cathedral, Nsukka, Rev. Fr. Matthew Eze, who confirmed the incident, said that Nnajiofor would have contacted any priest in the cathedral to wade in and carry the deity to the museum of Okunere adoration where other deities are kept, rather than inviting the Police. 

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