Nigerian youths lead walk to the second independence

Written by: Funke April

Youths lead Independence protest in Nigeria

Youths lead Independence protest in Nigeria

Like a surprise party, Nigeria in her history will never forget the 60th independence EndSARS buffet her youths threw to mark the wonderful occasion in October 2020.

It is a total miscalculation, and it even sounds absurd to imagine why anyone will say “Nigeria just celebrated its second independence anniversary since 1960”.

If you think I am an awful mathematician, you can’t be more correct than this in your whole life, I am an enthusiastic failure with anything that has to do with calculation except of course there is a currency sign before or after the figures.

After attaining her independence on paper since 1960, Nigeria unknowingly signed her generation into oblivion and slavery in the hands of her own citizens disguised as leaders. If you are an excellent math student, your calculation will be that this country has successfully celebrated sixty (60) years of independence.

We have all grown to know not everything is in the “numbers”. Sixty may sound like a very long time which truly it is, but of what use is a useless 60? The impact is what makes the numbers count and this long time has very little of that. I will rather have two good years than sixty years of no impact. Should we now ask what happened to the fifty-eight years we have celebrated in the past?

It will be a very bad idea to go out and ask Nigerians that question. A considerable number of citizens already gave their answers through different ways and means on the 1st of October, 2020 to commemorate our Nigeria’s 60th independence anniversary. What was depicted is the unimaginable state of the country’s affairs as well as the reality of the untold hardships her citizens are faced with daily which sadly has been ongoing for sixty years. Where would you like me to begin, from our economy’s neck deeply buried in foreign debt, or our political dogmatism which has been cursed with officeholders who have vowed to never have a thing to do with integrity and accountability to the country. Oh! Maybe it is our killing health system which has become an altar of doom for even the most common headaches or the education system that is constantly under review to make sure no “leaders of tomorrow” has a shot to the insight of what they will want to be in future. How can I forget our formidable security which ensures our borders are greatly protected so as to prevent citizens from escaping the terrorism and security officials constantly killing us from within?

As much as I want you to deeply reach into your mind and feel the pain in your eyes as I peel the onion of the situation we have been bound to; this is not a pity party.

In my opinion, the first independence Nigeria celebrated happened in 1999, a whole 39 years after 1960. Achieving democracy on May 29 was a deep slumber we never thought will happen before our eyes. Though not many dividends have been recorded since then, having it down in history was a good step into the long walk of freedom we have been taking. At least we were happy with the smokescreen called “democratic elections” where we were made to believe we choose our own government for ourselves, not knowing we have been helping them choose themselves into power so they can “rule” rather than “lead” us. The handing over from one administration to another seems to have little or no impact, the only difference is the name of the party. They all seem to have the same pattern which is expected since they are constantly in search of “greener pastures” by crossing from one party to another. Even when the party changes, the people in government remain the same.

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With several anomalies characterizing different administrations, the only constant thing they all do so well is making sure the citizens are at the bottom of their priority lists. We have been made to watch the door being shut in our faces by the same people we opened our doors wide open for in trust that they will have our interests at heart. Voting fraud should be a crime but where do we report this injustice? Same bodies and commissions being run by them? Reporting a thief to a robber is definitely not going to get any justice. All we are left with is our unheard wailings which definitely does not have an effect on them.  After all, they have secured themselves to not in any way be close to those wearing the shoes.

Who would have imagined a time like this will come? The great awakening of Nigerian youths in October 2020. What seemed like a generation of careless and unserious youths has turned into the most woke of them all. A movement that started as a protest to end the unprofessionalism and brutality of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) has grown into a movement that is aimed at ending bad governance and calling for the restructuring of the country. The uniqueness of the movement is the fact that there is no leader. It is as if there is an awakening contagion spreading like wildfire amongst the youths, no surprise after all this is the year of the pandemic.

The cordiality and organization of the movement is highly commendable. Everybody seems to be playing his/her natural role in history. The youths do not just come together to chant “EndSARS and EndSWAT”, they also eat together, pray together, help each other, and even clean their litter. The youths are doing what our leaders do best when they want to trample upon our humanity which is UNITY. When it comes to corruption, the leaders set their religion, tribe, political differences, and backgrounds aside all for their common selfish goal. The youth movement is characterized by unity, no sentiments, or bigotry, just a common goal to salvage the future of our beloved nation.

It is not in every case that the end justifies the means. Sometimes only the process is what counts. Who can predict what this movement will achieve? Whether it leads to improved systems that will work for Nigeria or not, the mark has been made. Attracting international focus, Nigerian youths have proven to the rest of the world that we are a force that can work together for the love of our country. We have also taken a step that will always serve as a warning to the government of the day, that we are indeed the leaders of tomorrow always lying in wait to take over and lead us all to the NEW NIGERIA we envision. Let us hope the labor of our present heroes (Youths) shall never be in vain.



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