Couple in business: Can you go into business with your spouse in Nigeria?

A Couple

Love and business are separately two life’s greatest challenges, but can lead to an amazing and enjoyable affair when both are weaved into one.

There is a unique kind of bond two People who have already agreed to socially function together as a unit can build up in business, which goes far beyond just love but an addition to other ingredients for a successful union. It promotes trust, honesty, dedication, unity, commitment, and financial strength of the couple.

The Nigerian society today is booming with lots of family businesses because of the realization that your best business partner can also be your life partner. Several successful businesses like BRILA Radio which got its name from the initials of two spouses Bridget and Larry, COSCHARIS motors was also derived from Cosmas and Charity. These names have established the romantic, sensational, and successful vibes about a business.

Having to involve your spouse in a business partnership can enhance their feelings Of being respected and needed which can in turn Increase the level of creativity, supportiveness, and responsibility. A wife who is given the ticket by her husband to be involved in his business will definitely feel more secured and liable.

Finding answers to why family businesses outlive those run individually by just one spouse, analysts are convinced that the secret behind the success lies in the way decisions are made. The opinion is that the decisions are made with more passion and consideration, knowing fully well that the business is part of their lives.

Another reason for couples success in business is that, they have a large time horizon because they are building wealth to pass on to succeeding generations. This improves their stability on the business scene.

A couple who started their business three years ago Mr. and Mrs. Ikechukwu run three (3) stores of foodstuff in Garki market in Abuja seems happy running their stores together. Mr. Ikechukwu said “I have tried to run a business with a friend of mine before, but the spare parts business didn’t work out. When I got married four (4) years ago, I set my wife up on this foodstuff business and she has been doing well. After the collapse of the spare parts business, I sometimes come to help her out when she has to take care of things at home. With time, we realized we have different strengths in running the business. I deal with our suppliers better, and she has better dealings with our customers. She advised I step in fully, and ever since, the business has been growing as we now have 2 more stores, already working on the fourth(4th) one. His wife Mrs. Chioma Ikechukwu said she is happy that her husband even listened to her advice to him joining the business. There is fun in leaving home together, and being around each other most time of the day. Speaking about their their plans, the husband said “we hope to expand and involve the kids when they are of age”.

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Another couple who run a bookstore together Mr. and Mrs. Osuyemi enthusiastically talk about the excitement of building a legacy for their children together. Mr. Osuyemi said “at first I only asked my wife to help stay at the bookshop when I am away because I could not afford a sales person, but gradually I realized she usually make more sales than when I because of her high convincing power, kindness, and approach. This encouraged me to retain her as my business partner since she was unemployed. I have till now never regretted the decision because our business has been booming because we make the business decisions and discuss the ideas together. 

One major hurdle about business that are owned and managed without the other spouse’s involvement is that, at the death of the head, the business tends to crumble because of lack of adequate knowledge on how the business activities are being carried out. But for couples who engage in business together, the death of a partner may not lead to the ruin of the business. This however is a form of financial insurance for the family.

Although couple business can also tear a family apart especially if there is no matching effort, dedication or commitment. The stronger spouse may want to dominate and own the venture, or the less dedicated partner may be careless in spending the funds from the business.

Couple in business needs to be treated with caution to avoid disunity and disaster so as to enjoy the many advantages of the idea. This brings me back to the question I want to get your view on. And that is: Can you go into business with your spouse?

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