Chinese Firm Plans Solar Equipment Plant In Nigeria

A Chinese firm, Shenzhen Kang Ming Sheng Technology Industry Incorporation, yesterday, said it is planning to invest in the building of a renewable and clean energy manufacturing plant in Nigeria to help address the epileptic power situation in the country.

Recently, Marketing Manager, Kamisafe Nigeria, Mbam Goodluck at the Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Optometry Association in Abuja, said inauguratingKamisafe innovative safe reading lamp which is a medium to the long-term plan, would support its products deployment in Nigeria and other countries in Africa.

He said, “We are perfecting plans to site a manufacturing plant in Nigeria to produce solar-powered equipment for households, offices, schools, hospitals, communities, etc. The plant will be used for the production of solar-powered street lights, indoor renewable lamps, rechargeable energy-saving lamps, multi-functional mobile power supply, fans and many more.

“This move will further enhance clean energy access to power users across the country, for we know that the world is gradually tilting towards the use of environmentally friendly energy, as most people now talk about clean energy. So, it is important to note that one major way you can get clean energy is through the use of solar to power your gadgets.”

He said Kamisafe’s investment in Nigeria would help increase the power of technology, innovation, and research in the country on an annual basis, introduce hi-tech creative talents, realize mechanization of production lines, take user experience as a guide and strengthen the firm’s service system.
Specifically, we are in the process of entering into various agreements with different individuals and organizations, to set up solar street lights in some parts of the country, especially in Lagos, Onitsha, Kano among others.

Also speaking, Product Development Director, Kamisafe, Mr. Collins Nnaji, said the company had been in Nigeria for about 15 years and had made significant investments in Nigeria over those periods.
He added that the company presently have depots, distributors and sub-distributors all across the country and had been selling clean, safe and renewable energy products over the years.
Commenting on the Kamisafe safe reading lamp, Nnaji said the product does not have a bad effect on the eyes, because it is coated with LED bulbs, unlike some other torches in the market.

An Optometrist with Unimind Eye Care, Benin City, Edo State, Mr. Esegine Ogheneovo, said the Kamisafe safe reading lamp is great for the eyes, can be rotated up to 360 degrees, while the Lumen is quite high and very mild for the eyes.

“It is unattractive to insect, meaning some particularly frequency range is being emitted that is not allowing the insect to draw closer. Hence, it is a very good product. This would help me in my engagement with my patients.”

He said, “I also observed that the rate at which it is emitting its ultra-violet rays is quite mild compared to a lot of others.

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