8 Wow Ideas To Enjoy Your Weekend Date

                                                                1.Watch the DVDs of your favorite TV show (like 24)

Watching TV is so boring for me, but watching the DVDs is downright addicting. If you can find a show that you both like, it will spark lots of conversation and give you something to look forward to.

2.Play a card game
I think every family has a card game they like to play. Check out rules of card games online to learn the rules of just about any game you can imagine. This is another great way to see your date in action.

3.Visit a Landmark Building
Your date will have an “ah-hah” moment when she realize you know a lot about your environment especially if she’s visiting fro a different location. There are LOADS of cool places that are less than a day trip away where you can go, have a picnic, take a camera and get to know your date the whole time.                   

4.Go on a picnic
Picnics are great for short, eating food, and of course talking. Combine this with another idea like playing cards or a board game! Alternatively, you can do it in a slightly more public place like a park and have fun watching people.

Hold hands with your sweetheart as you peruse the shelves. It’s a great way to find out about your new love’s tastes in books and music.

6.Stop by a hotel to go swimming in their pool
Make sure they can swim and you have enough to buy your date a swimsuit, have your own swimsuit on under your clothes, then just strip down and hop in! Many hotels have some really sweet pools.

7.Do a service project
There are always lots of opportunities to serve that can give you an opportunity to see what kind of person your date is at heart. Check out a local food bank, homeless shelter or any one of 1000 volunteer projects going on at any time.

8.Go Bowling
This is good as long as you’re sure you can beat the other person. It can be pretty embarrassing if your date beat you at a game you want to enjoy with them,it may make you lose words and interest.
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