“Yeah i am bad” Cossy Orjiakor Tell Haters

cossy_s_breasts_insurance                                                                                                                                                                                           A recent interview with Nigerian actress and singer Cossy Orjiakor raised an opportunity for her to give her lovers and haters more reasons for hot discussion.
The controversial celebrity, also famous for flaunting the delicate parts of her body in revealing outfits, spoke about being different, about men, marriage institution and fashion.
When asked by the interviewer how she feels about her image of a bad girl, she responded: “Yeah I am bad…..(bold and different)”, adding that for her, controversies mean being different, which she loves.
When judging by the fact that Cossy doesn’t like speaking about men, the interlocutor alleged that she hates them, the actress objected saying that it is because she loves men, she doesn’t talk about them.
“Most men don’t like to be talked about”
Cossy Orjiakor doesn’t force events and said she would settle down “when it is the right time”, adding that she would like to have both her and adopted children.
The “bad girl” said after marriage her way of thinking might change completely, because “marriage is an institution you never graduate from”.
When asked about the impact she wants to make in the society, the actress answered:
“I am making an impact in the society right now. Because if am not, I doubt if you will want an interview.”
In conclusion Cossy went enthusiastic about fashion and style, which, according to her, should bring comfort and express oneself. However, she noted that one should mind the occasion while choosing what to wear.
“I love high heels and also flats too. You can’t go to a ball on flats and you can’t go to the beach on heels. So every shoe have an occasion for it.”

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