World Cup Stadium Severely Damaged By Landslide Just Days After France vs Croatia Final

One of the 2018 World Cup stadiums has suffered severe damage after heavy rain triggered landslides.
The city of Volgograd has been hammered by rain, leading to landslides on an embankment near the host venue. It has caused a deep hole and mud sprayed across walkways and paths.
Up to a week of repair work is now set to take place with a spokesman for the state Sport In company overseeing the construction confirming leaks inside the ground have caused further issues.
“I’m sorry for the city. They invested so much money and it was washed away by one rain,” 19-year-old Vitaly Ovchinnikov, a local resident, told Reuters TV.
Volgograd Arena, a stadium that can accommodate up to 45,000 spectators, was built for the World Cup at a cost over 16 billion roubles ($257 million), according to data on the regional government’s website.
The weather has caused havoc 
The repair work will take over a week 

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