NBA Star Chris Paul Goes Nude For ESPN Magazine Cover

Chris Paul

34-year old Oklahoma City Thunder Point Guard, Chris Paul is the cover star for ESPN Magazine’s 2019 Body Issue.

In the mag, the NBA star who went completely naked during the photoshoot opened up about everything from his Vegan lifestyle to wanting to switch bodies with some of his peers, just for the height.

Chris Paul

“I don’t necessarily need the body — I just want the height, you know what I mean? Let me get Boban [Marjanovic’s] height. He’s over 7? Let me get that height. It’s over for everybody. We ain’t even going to play the games.”

When it comes to the part of the body he’s most proud of, Chris revealed:

“My abs. When I eat, that’s where the weight comes immediately. If I eat french fries, one or two, they go right there.”

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Chris Paul

As for his decision to adopt the Vegan life, Chris told the mag:

“My rookie year there was a McDonald’s right by where we practised, and I’d stop and get a McGriddle combo every day. Every day. And I’d usually get an extra hash brown and try to get a bigger orange juice. And I would get home, and my brother and I would get Chick-fil-A. As long as it wasn’t Sunday, we would get Chick-fil-A on the way home. And then we would usually order pizza at night. We didn’t know any different. We were young, first time living away from home. But everything’s a lot different now. Some of the biggest choices I make daily are what I put into my body.”

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