Lebanon Town Where Female Police Officers Wear Sexy Uniforms Just To Attract Tourists

Female police officers in Lebanon wear sexy uniforms to attract tourists

In the town of Broummana in Lebanon, female police officers have gotten a new sexy outfit to fight crime.

Young and beautiful female police officers now patrol the streets of Broummana dressed in black mini-shorts and red berets. The new uniform is a plan by the mayor to not only improve the country’s image but also increase tourism.Image result for female police in lebanon
Ninety-nine per cent of the tourists in the Mediterranean region wear shorts,” says Pierre Achkar,  Mayor of Broummana. “We in Lebanon want to change the bleak picture of Lebanon in the West,” he further tells RT’s Ruptly video agency.
Image result for female police in lebanonImage result for female police in lebanon
The radical and sexy uniform has its critics. There have been complaints on social media about the concept of making policewomen wear sexy outfits just to attract tourists. Others say it is sexist because the uniform of male officers hasn’t been changed.
Image result for female police in lebanonImage result for female police in lebanon
The female police officers are down with the new sexy uniforms. “We came willingly to this work and we have accepted it with enthusiasm and we still hope that it will return in every summer season,” says Samata Saad, a female police officer.
There is no word yet if the new uniforms have brought in tourists yet.

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