Here’s Why Sleeping With Fan On Is Seriously Damaging Your Health-And What To Do Instead

Most of us are a bit sleep-deprived at the moment thanks to the heatwave.
While we’re loving the heat in the day time, it’s a whole different story when we’re trying to get a good night’s kip.
As well as opening every possible window, many people have resulted to keeping their fans on overnight.
And according to the experts, for most of us this is actually the right thing to do if you want a good night sleep.
But for some people there’s a worrying side effect and it might mean you have to reconsider.
According to the Sleeping Advisor the moving air causes flurries of dust and pollen.
This can be bad news for people with allergies, asthma and hayfever.
The dry air can also dry out our skin, so it’s important to keep moisturising.
It can also cause dry eyes which can make them irritable, especially if you wear contact lenses.
If you’re looking for an alternative there are a few other things you can try.
To cool down a room, try hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window. Bizarre, but it works.
Closing the curtains during the day will also keep your room cooler, which will make it much nicer when it comes to bedtime.
The right sheets are also key when it comes to keeping cool. Avoid satin and silk and stick to cooler linen and cotton sheets.

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